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From Old Cooter to Boles Blues

Welcome to the new Boles Blues blog — the newest member of the Boles Blogs Network!

We used to be known as Old Cooter — but before that site even went live, we decided to become Boles Blues instead — and in our next post we’ll explain who we are and what we’re doing here with you.

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Holiday Blues

by María L. Trigos-Gilbert

It seems as if I’m “predestined” to live in an airplane (always traveling during the holidays). Last December I spent Christmas by myself in one of Florida’s airports. Of course, the idea was to travel to spend Christmas with my parents and siblings. Isn’t that ironic? That’s to say I got there after Christmas. Take note: Christmas in Venezuela is celebrated the 24th of December, instead of the 25th. Back to the point, my flights’ arrangements were very disturbed due to Venezuela’s flood in Vargas State (besides others states).

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