Brussels Bluetooth Bloodhounding

We love Bluetooth technology as it passively assists us in our everyday needs; but what happens when Bluetooth is turned against us?  How do we feel about being bloodhounded by a technology that forms us instead of serving us?

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The Apple Keyboards Review

I have several Apple MacBook computers and a single Cinema Display; but one can never have too many keyboards.  As you can see below, I’ve gone wacky for the gorgeous, new, chicklet-style keyboards from Apple.  On the left is the wired “laptop” keyboard; next to it is the wired “full” keyboard with numeric keys; beneath that is the Bluetooth keyboard. All of these keyboards allow you to control the brightness of the screen and manage the starting and stopping of music or movies.

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Embedded Bluetooth Breadcrumbs Leading the Blind

Technology shapes us and betters us, but sometimes it can also belittle our best intentions.  The Talking-Points project is a new idea that hopes to use embedded Bluetooth tags placed strategically throughout a city to communicate with the blind to guide and provide geographic landmarks and local business information.

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Beauty of a Bluetooth Keyboard

Who knew a Bluetooth keyboard could provide so much joy and wanting for nothing else? My feelings about the gigantic and plainly rotten keyboard wrist rest on my MacBook Pro finally drove me away from that keyboard and onto the standalone Apple wireless keyboard using Bluetooth technology!

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