Why, Howard?

Teacher, mentor, friend, and philosopher Howard Stein died two years ago today at the age of 90 — and I still miss him every day — and yet his death strangely seems so far in the past as to be unrecognizable. Because of all the surgical procedures he had at the end of his life, Howard would often refer to himself as the “Frankenstein Monster” held together with stitches and sealing wax.

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Broadway Bomb in Times Square

The bomb planted in Times Square over the weekend is being re-drawn in the media not as a terrorist failure, but rather as a heroic success.  The facts of the bomb scare suggest just the opposite is the truth.  The
bomb placement was entirely successful and undetected en route, and New York City is only lucky
that the bomb was so ineptly constructed that it did not detonate as

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Deconforming Bombs Melting into Invisibility

Are we nearing the Age of the Bionic Warrior God with the recent news of electrodes that melt in your brain, not in your mouth?  The notion that science is able to deconform objects from one state to another is both delightful and alarming.

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Bomb Your Homework, Burn the Exam

If you decide to dive-bomb your homework by cheating on the work, there is a new study out that clearly suggests you will flame out when tested on the cheated studying. If you don’t want to risk ashes, don’t tempt the fire.

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James Cameron's Avatar Bombs

James Cameron — director of “Titanic” — is finally back with his neck blockbuster movie:  “Avatar.”  The second trailer preview was released last week and we were left gasping in dismay at the longitudinal dismay of the attempt.

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Nuke Trucks in Your Neighborhood

Is it possible to be imperiled and imprisoned by trucks running throughout your urban core or village hamlet?  If you aren’t aware of the “Nuke Trucks” parading around you — now is the time to become aware of the danger incarcerating you and those you love and adore.

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