The One Book Bookstore

For many years, bookstores have gone through different phases of figuring out how to get the people who came into their stores to buy the books on their shelves. Should books be faced out, lined up with the spines out, or a combination of the two — and which books got the face out treatment? Successful strategies were copied — you don’t see too many bookstores that are missing a “staff picks” section for a reason — it moves books. It really caught my eye when I saw the strategy of one Brooklyn native, Andrew Kessler — make an entire bookstore dedicated to his book.

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Mall Depression

I love shopping online.  I can take my time.  I can easily compare styles and prices.  I don’t have to stand in line or fight any crowds.  The other day, I visited a prominent and stylishly fashionable mall I hadn’t been in for over five years, and the changes were astonishing.

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Pitching a Book to Buyers

No book gets sold unless someone thinks it will sell. That first “someone” is your publishing house. That second “someone” is the chain buyer who places an order for your book. If you want to sell a book without writing the whole thing first, you need to help your publisher, and ultimately the buyers in the bookstore chain, understand why you, and your book, are worth purchasing.

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Kate: Chapter 16

Browsing somewhere around the self-help section, Felix felt two hands cover his eyes. He then heard what he assumed to be the voice of the person to whom the hands belonged say, “I’m going to give you three guesses, and one of them had better be right.”

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