The 20-Year Mammogram

I have a close female friend who is highly educated on the graduate level, but she was born and raised in the agricultural Midwest where preventative medicine is not a common meme.  Her last mammogram was 20 years ago.  She shared the story of her latest breast exam with me so that I might share it with you now.  There are three reasons why she waited so long between mammogram.  One, they hurt too much.  Second, there’s been some research suggesting regular mammograms may not be helpful.  Finally, they hurt way too much to get every year!

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Conspiracy of False Hope: A Side of Statins with Your Big Mac

Trying to live a healthy life in a chemical world is tough — so I was delighted to read last week news that the American Journal of Cardiology was taking a stand against the high fat in fast food by countering the saturated fat intake with a side of statins at checkout:

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Year-Round Breast Cancer Awareness

[Author’s Note: This article is dedicated to my mother, whose birthday it is today – and to Beverly Jean Huck, a strong spirited survivor who overcame breast cancer three years ago]

Breast Cancer and the awareness of the importance of testing for it, finding a cure for it, and supporting those who are surviving it, have survived it, or have lost friends and family to it. I posit that this is not enough. The threat of breast cancer does not get put away in boxes along with Halloween decorations, and it is incumbent upon us to not let a day go by that we don’t do something about it.

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