MRSA Revisited: “Out, D-a-m-n-e-d Spot! Out, I Say!”

Four or five months ago when I was doing my routine self-breast check I found a small pea sized lump on my breastbone, nestled in my cleavage.

A quick check with our doctor at the time confirmed what I had first thought — a fatty lump or sebaceous cyst — nothing to be concerned about.

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Rihanna Gets a Gun and Shoots Herself in the Breast

We have been big supporters of Rihanna — but the tastelessness of her new “Man Down” video where she assassinates a man before the song even begins — is just too much tacky for our type.  We are also plainly aware that the core mistakes of the Man Down video are identical to the errors made in the video for “Love the Way You Lie.” We see a pattern here and we don’t like the mosaic.

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Blubeekuss is Not a Word

One of the most annoying things in an allegedly literate human world is when a person invents a word for a word that already has meaning and context and then tries to press that definition into others in everyday use.  I’m not talking about words like “Memeingful” or “RelationShaping” or even the colossal “Panopticonic” — all of which have base value in an original colloquial expression — no, I’m talking about “words” like “Blubeekuss” that are made up to be a synonym for “bra.”

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To My Castings

Erica Sison wrote this article.

To body number 1…
Spreading and covering your body
I feel the texture of your skin
Soft to touch yet
Certain parts wrinkling

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Why I am Not Yellow

I have no interest in wearing one of those yellow “LiveStrong” wristbands that everyone seems to have on today. I support the idea behind the band but what is the point of wearing the wristband? Is it to publicly prove you’re caring and with the “in-crowd” or is there a deeper meaning to it? If there’s magic in the band itself why not just put it in your pocket?

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