Bomb Your Homework, Burn the Exam

If you decide to dive-bomb your homework by cheating on the work, there is a new study out that clearly suggests you will flame out when tested on the cheated studying. If you don’t want to risk ashes, don’t tempt the fire.

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Selling Jimi's Axe

A year or so ago, a forgotten — but staged burned — Jimi Hendrix guitar was found and sold for a little under half a million dollars.

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Shards of Shattered Covenants

There is no worse betrayal in the world than the person in which time, hope, honor and integrity have been invested then ends in dismay as that person decides everything isn’t enough and that they will viciously and bloodily go their own way; but instead of leaving with grace and manners, they decide to stink up the place by trying to tear down Good Things in their slash-and-burn-exit.

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Note to Parents: Hot Things Burn Your Children

I am never at a loss for amazement when it comes to the stupidity of inane parents. It has been hot in New York City this week.  The streets are hot.  Sand on the beach is hot.  Black rubber playground mats are hot.  Those basic facts of living still do not appear to scare some parents into proactively protecting their children from running around barefoot and getting burned when that danger to life and limb is completely avoidable by invoking common sense and human decency.

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The Burning Hand

We all know a match burns twice.

Few realize hot water burns forever.

Boiled water in a cup spilled once on your wrist burns you twice on your hand then thrice on your leg — and on and on in evaporating, fiery, droplets — as you react and flinch until there’s nothing left of you to burn.

Catastrophic Media Temple Crash!

Well that was ugly.
Today at 4:40pm Eastern we experienced a wholesale loss of services from Media Temple, my expensive hosting provider, and that complete and total failure of redundant website hosting, FTP, email and everything else that I am virtually made of demonstrates just how awful and tender and fragile technology is on the internet and how poor planning can come around and chomp even a good company on the behind. 

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