102 Degrees in the Sun

Do you believe in Global Warming yet?  We here on the East Coast got that religion yesterday as thermometers slammed in at 102 degrees and we tried to drown our sorrows in bottles of water.  Today offers the same boiling forecast.

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Pricking the Heene Hoax

The Heene Balloon Boy Hoax has gone on long enough to demonstrate nobody really tells the truth any longer when pressed for a confession of fact; and the experience confirms the mainstream media will swallow any hollow story plowing fallow ground as long as it flies and implies some sort of innocent death.  

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What Have We Recovered?

Learning is about recovering.  We are flooded with information and we struggled to analyze the important bits and store them in memory. Then, when the most precious moment arrives, we recover those precocious stored bits to save us from ourselves.  On
the awful anniversary of 9/11, we now must begin to ask — “What have
we recovered?” — in the steaming, soulless pit that used to be the
World Trade Center.

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Scarification as Body Art

Would you purposefully burn or cut your skin to create “body art” out of the scar your self-mutilation leaves behind after your body heals?  This process of “scarification” is gaining momentum on college campuses and we are left to wonder why.  Do you find the scarred design on the breasts below appealing or appalling?  WARNING:  The third image in this article is brutal, bloody, and not safe for upset stomachs.  Continue reading at your own risk.

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The Integrity of the Provenance of Ideas: Archimedes and His Burning Mirror

In this fine illustration of Archimedes and his Burning Mirror by Giulio Parigi (1599), we have a perfect and clear example of how plagiarism operates — and no one escapes this theft of the provenance of ideas able-bodied and unscorched:  The sun is the original source, the mirror is the plagiarizer and the burning ship is the aftereffect of the illicit deed after a burning exposure.

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Loving Electricity as Jersey City Melts

Jersey City is melting!

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Please Burn an American Flag

Hillary Rodham Clinton has agreed to co-sponsor a bill by Utah Republican Sen. Bob Bennett that would make it illegal for anyone to intimidate any other person by burning the flag, to burn someone else’s flag or to desecrate the flag on federal property. At the same time, however, Clinton continues to oppose efforts to amend the Constitution to prohibit flag burning.

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