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The Woman Awakens

Deborah Nuber wrote this article.

In the dreamy, tranquil warmth of awareness
Her fears are banished
Her mortality now distant
She is empowered by her triumph
Her heart soars on the wings of new hope
As the woman awakens.

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A Surgeon Cuts

Echezona Ezeanolue wrote this article.

One by one they walked in
Expecting me to cut the hand that fed me
As I wrestled with this in my mind
I prayed that I would be right
That the cancer had not spread
But limited to the breast tissue
As I made a mark around my surgery site
I wondered what a loss
My patient might feel
With the first flash of blood
I bit my lips

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Michael Crichton Cheated Us Out of Goodbye

SuperGenius author and entertainer Michael Crichton died this week. He was 66. Cancer killed him.  Unfortunately
— Michael kept his illness a secret from the public — and we take
issue with that selfish hiding as we argued earlier this week on RelationShaping:

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The John Edwards Immorality Play: Act One, Scene 1

John Edwards is, and has always been, a Nancy Boy fraud and a phony when it comes to morality, values and in propagating the memes of authenticity.  Cheating on your wife is wrong.  Cheating on your wife dying of cancer is dead wrong.

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RFID Implants the Human Form

The implantation of RFID chips is a scary thought.

We can be tracked and mapped by the greater powers as if we’re a proximity card used for building access or a ride on the PATH train.

Is it appropriate that our privacy no longer belongs to us?

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All Men are Dying of Prostate Cancer

I was having dinner last night with my attorney and a medical doctor friend of ours. The conversation eventually turned to the issue of mortality and average aging and what kills men.

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Why I am Not Yellow

I have no interest in wearing one of those yellow “LiveStrong” wristbands that everyone seems to have on today. I support the idea behind the band but what is the point of wearing the wristband? Is it to publicly prove you’re caring and with the “in-crowd” or is there a deeper meaning to it? If there’s magic in the band itself why not just put it in your pocket?

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