The Non-Dynamic Duo: Me, Adam West, and Batman at the X103 Car Expo

When I was a wee lad, I had job at a radio station.  I was lucky enough to work on both the AM and FM sides of the dial.  The FM station was known as X103 and we were in the prehistoric rotary dial days before the Age of Digital Radio Tuners.  One night, I was working on the FM side, and a listener called and told me he’d just spent $5,000.00USD on a new home stereo rig and his FM tuner was digital and our station was coming in clearest at 102.7 and not 103.  He asked me why that was, and I told him that the station was actually broadcasting at 102.7, but that the rotary dial methods made 103 close enough for advertising purposes.  The caller grunted and told me to fix it.  A few years later, “X103” was gone, replaced by: “102.7 FM.”

In the early 1980’s, I was told by the radio station I had to work a weekend car expo for X103.  I wasn’t thrilled about it, but I was the low man on the hiring pole and they were going to pay me time and a half, so standing around for six hours handing out X103 car window stickers would at least stick some money in my pocket.  I was also told that Adam West, aka Batman, had been hired and flown in from California to appear with me at the X103 van.  Adam would be dressed in full Batman regalia.  I was surprised that a big star like Adam West would be in Lincoln, Nebraska at a car show standing next to me.

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