My Hometown: Vila Nova Milfontes

My hometown of Vila Nova in Portugal is situated on the mouth of the River Mira and was founded in 1485 by King John II. Its location at the mouth of the river means it has been strategically and economically important ever since.

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New Jersey Students Pick Up Pitchforks and Torches and Storm the Castle

In a delightful — and necessary — sign of a furious protest, students in New Jersey left their classrooms yesterday and took to the streets to reject the absolute decimation of their schools by newly elected governor Chris Christie.  Christie cut $820 million from the schools in an effort to keep a campaign promise to reduce spending.  The protest was inspired by, and directed through, a Facebook movement to fight back against an unfair budget axe.

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The Guernsey Lake Castle

by Ken Druce

I have a special place where I go wandering, though now only in my memories. It is in on a hill in Wyoming, right above a lake. Built by the CCC during the depression, it is called “The Castle.” The “CCC” was part of Franklin D. Roosevelt’s attempt during the depression to get people working and it stands for “Civilian Conservation Corps.” Many great national parks and monuments were built during its tenure. My favorite pastime was to take some wood, some meat and my camp coffee pot and spend the afternoon. I was never bothered up there by other people using it. It was my special place and I am glad; I now live 8,000 miles away and the only thing I really miss is my Castle.

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