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The Chinese Subway Fire Drill

I was ready to write a humor based article on how you can gauge the importance of a subway service announcement from how easy it is to understand it — the more important the announcement, the more likely that it will be garbled and impossible to understand. This is despite the fact that many service announcements are pre-recorded and have been for awhile.

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The Cutest Cat in the Hat

Sometimes a rough day can be made better with an animal intervention, and yesterday was just such a day when the lovely Janna SMS’d me this image of her modeling the cutest cat hat I ever did see saw.

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Nina Simone and Cat Stevens

Nina Simone is one of our must unappreciated and undervalued Blues voices.  Evidence of such is found in the lack of instant recognition when you invoke her name and in the fact that her ovaric album of 50 songs and a video found in — “The Definitive Rarities Collection” — is currently selling for an incredibly cheap $7.99USD in the American iTunes store.  That’s less than 15-cents per song!

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Ndamukong Suh and the $18,000 Cat

Ndamukong Suh — “Mr. Suh” to you and me — is a 6’4″, 300 pound, defensive tackle on the University of Nebraska football team and possible Heisman Trophy candidate. A couple of days ago, Mr. Suh crashed his 2003 Land Rover into two parked cars at 2:20am. 
He was not driving drunk.

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Tax Break for Pet Owners

If you’ve ever struggled to medically save the life of a dying pet, you know the end-of-life costs can be extravagant if you choose to try prolong life instead of just ending it. A year ago, I wondered in an article — Deducting the Cat — why pets weren’t considered part of the family and eligible as tax deductions for their veterinary care. I was delighted to learn this week there is now a move afoot to allow a $3,500.00USD “pet deduction” on your income tax.

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The Looxis 3D Hologram Optical Cube Review

Janna gave me a wonderful present last night:  Jack The Cat immortalized forever in a ten-pound 3D Hologram cube of optical glass.  Jack hasn’t been feeling well — he’s doing better now — so it was a delight to see Jack-in-the-Cube’s glimmering face looking back at me in a 3D Hologram.

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