Thoughts on Writing Prompts

In the summer of 1991, I attended a camp for artistic expression of all sorts — I had applied and entered for writing and so I took a number of different writing courses of the creative variety. One of the things that we did nearly every day was to work with different writing prompts to inspire our writing. On one morning we were handed photos from magazines (one each) and on another day we were instructed to go outside and just write based on on what we saw out there. There was even one morning when one of the professors simply said, “Thirty seconds — write!” That didn’t seem like so much of a proper writing prompt as much as it was a direct order from our commander!

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National Something Writing Month

I probably should be writing right now. I mean, I am writing right now, but I should probably be writing my latest attempt at an entry for the National Novel Writing Month. I am currently many thousand words short of where I should, in theory, be if I want to have written fifty thousand words by the end of the month. I guess it will just have to wait until after I’m done writing this!

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