Apple Watch Series 3 and White Noise Elevated Heart Rate Notifications

I am loving my new Black Stainless Steel LTE Apple Watch Series 3. I bought the first Apple Watch, skipped the second series, and now updated to get the wireless LTE connection with Verizon. One of the new features of the Apple Watch Series 3 is to track your heart rate to alert you when your heart rate is abnormally elevated so you can take action to calm down, or to seek medical attention.

Imagine my dismay to learn I had over 41 elevated heart rate notifications over a two day period! I was never alerted to those multiple notifications, and I was concerned!

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Electroshock Therapy and My Amazon Kindle

I used to think my Amazon Kindle was a SuperStar!  Then the Kindle DX crashed my party, and I swore I’d never buy another Kindle — and I have not.  I read Kindle books on my iPhone and on my delightful iPad.  I like a bright, backlit, screen because I spend a lot of time in dark places like theatres and dank basements and editing rooms and recording bays — so the Kindle’s need for direct light in order to be read is a real problem for me — especially eyes age and the need for greater illumination grows.  I still use my Kindle to occasionally browse the sale rack on Amazon, and that means I have to infrequently recharge my Kindle.  The other day, when I plugged my Kindle in to the Amazon power source shown in the image below, I got a mild tingling in my fingers:  My Kindle electroshocked me!  My eyes rolled back into my head as I shook off the bite.

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