Bomb Your Homework, Burn the Exam

If you decide to dive-bomb your homework by cheating on the work, there is a new study out that clearly suggests you will flame out when tested on the cheated studying. If you don’t want to risk ashes, don’t tempt the fire.

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To Cheat to Learn

As we are watched and surveilled by those around us — is cheating in plan sight a clever plan against the purpose of the Panopticon — or do we need to pretend online “study aids” are really helpful to the soul and not deceitful against the mind?
Is a “community of learning” or is it just a chance to cheat better in class at $9.95 a month for access to all the answers?

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Is Carrie Underwood a Jesus Invoker or a Vigilante?

Carrie Underwood is a big star and she exploded as one of the winners of American Idol.
I find Ms. Underwood to be rather boring and without an invigorating personality, but the fact that her debut country album sold over 6 million copies says something about my taste in music or what country music fans find valuable in the promotional package that is Ms. Underwood’s carefully crafted good-girl facade made of peaches-and-cream and lots of virtuosity in the name of God and His only son.

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