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Celebrate Obamaday

Gordon Davidescu wrote this article.

Every year, hundreds of millions of cards are exchanged on February 14th, very frequently coming along with hundreds of billions of pounds of chocolate, stuffed animals, and other such presents.
While these are all lovely ways of expressing sentimentalities, I have a suggestion for you that will be a gift that will keep on giving for the next four years. I’m not referring to a savings bond though that has its own benefits. Rather, I refer to the wonderful gift of donating to the Barack Obama campaign.

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A Brief History of Waterboarding

We are having a heated political discussion in the USA this week wondering if waterboarding is torture or not as Michael Mukasey faces a Senate confirmation hearing on his attorney general nomination — but waterboarding has a long history as part of the human core in antiquity:

Waterboarding is a technique in which prisoners are subjected to simulated drowning by binding them to an inclined board, with their feet raised and head a bit below their feet. Then cellophane or cloth is wrapped over a prisoner’s face and water is poured over the person.

Vietnam 1968: In Da Nang, the U.S. military used waterboarding as an interrogation technique:

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Crimes of Birth: Dying Black in the Urban Core

It has always been treacherous to be Black in America — and if you’re a Black Man in America — your chances for even average survival are slimmer than your White peers.

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Does Barack Obama Have a Castrating Wife?

The sexual tension between men and women can be misunderstood, betrayed, and set on stage for public examination.
Michelle Obama, Barack’s wife, has been coming under fire for “emasculating” her husband — in Nebraska we call it “castrating” — in order to promote her own interests as “a strong black woman” who will bow down to no man… including her husband.

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Urban Bioterrorism Attack: Pernicious Tuberculosis

How do you fight an invisible danger?

In our ongoing series of conversations about Urban Bioterrorism, — we have been struck by several recent realities that confirm our policy of policing the Homeland is wide open to creative and pernicious exploitation of our febrile border defenses.

Our current policy for fighting terrorism on American soil isn’t working. We seek to only deter and then punish the body.

We log citizens and their behaviors while completely ignoring the reality that the most dangerous threats to health, freedom and liberty are microscopic and undetectable — and those dangers live inside people instead of being carried by people as recognizable weapons of mass destruction.

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