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No Star Shines Brighter

[NOTE: This poem was written in celebration of Broadway theatre producer Sam Crothers’ induction into the Sardi’s caricature Hall of Fame. Mr. Crothers works with Martin Richards at The Producer Circle. The Producer Circle have produced hit Broadway shows like The Will Rogers Follies and the recent revival of Chicago. The original Sardi’s invitation leads the poem as evergreen evidence of the event.]

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Beach Philosopher

by Nancy McDaniel

When I walk down the streets of Chicago by myself, it never enters my mind to wonder about the things I see. Why, for example, are people standing on the corner? That’s easy; they are waiting for a bus. Why are those people frowning? Simple, because they’re unhappy or stressed. When I walk along the beach in Florida, all sorts of questions, most without answers, go through my mind. Is it because I revert back to a childhood full of beach walks? Or am I just bored with too much time on my hands? Either way, on the beach, I become a philosopher of sorts.

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Giant Yellow Memory-Eating Beast

by Nancy McDaniel

The man from Omega (“The Last Word in Demolition”) told me it was called a “track hoe with a grappler.” He said it was a small one, only about 50,000 pounds. But to me it looks like a giant yellow beast. A very hungry one. First it bashes and crashes, then it munches and crunches, knocking down the house next door and eating it. Along with 18 years of memories of my next door neighbor, George.

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