The Venus Effect and the Artifice of Assumption: Watching the World Watch You Watching Your Screen

The Venus Effect” is a fascinating concept in painting and film that shatters the illusion of the perceived, the perceiver and the preceptor.  In the example below, the woman is peering into a mirror.

At first glance, we think she is looking at her own reflection, but the angle of the mirror deceives us, because she is really directly looking at us, not herself.  In fact, the artifice of assumption is something of an aesthetic cheat because we fail to realize she is watching us while we watch her.  She is incapable of viewing her own reflection in that particular angle of yaw.

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Meanwhile, in North Korea…

Meanwhile, in North Korea — while the whole world is watching the Vatican — the next round of Nuclear Bomb testing takes place.  North Korea threw themselves back into the arena as one of the most undesirable rogue governments today by conducting a third round of nuclear tests.  They met with universal condemnation, even from their biggest ally, China.

BEIJING — China said Tuesday that it firmly opposed North Korea’s testing of an atomic device and called for stability and a halt to nuclear proliferation in northeast Asia.

“The Chinese government calls on all parties to respond calmly, solve the problem of denuclearization of the peninsula through dialogue and consultation in the framework of the six-party talks,” China’s Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

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Forced Abortion in China

In a country where every family is limited to having only one child, what happens when the family has an unplanned second pregnancy and does nothing about it? It turns out that the government just has to step in and intervene, forcing the issue. In China, where the law of the land is that you may only have one child unless you pay a king’s ransom of a penalty fee (40,000 yuan, which is 6,300 in United States dollars and is more than the average annual salary for someone living there), 23 year old Jianmei Feng had the audacity to get pregnant after already having one child and when she failed to pay the second child fine, found herself imprisoned in a hospital.

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For The Record… Part 1

I recently quit the correcting game and stopped correcting people out loud when they made mistakes. SuperGenius David Boles suggested that I should write down the errors and blog about them since stoppering them internally would do me no good. Without further ado, please enjoy the following corrections — For The Record…

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International Deaf Child Adoption Crises

Finding suitable homes for disabled children is a tough scheme to accomplish via legal adoption and one would think countries would work extra hard to find suitable and loving parents willing to adopt these special kids to save them from institutional lonesomeness and abuse.

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Blocking the USNS Impeccable in the South China Sea

On Monday, China decided the USNS Impeccable was inappropriately “surveying” their people and China set about to set in place a blockade — an incarceration at sea — to prevent the United States from their alleged unlawful action. 

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The Loss of the Immigrant Mind

The USA is losing its immigrant mind!  The landed have traditionally helped build America into what it is today:  A great mosaic of thoughts, colors and dreams.  Today, because of punishing politics and a shrinking world, Harvard University reports immigrants are returning to their homeland instead of building a better life in the USA.  An entire generation of immigrants is giving up on their American Dream and I’m not sure if we can blame them for the departure.

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