Christmas in a Cup of Swiss Miss

by Evan Stair

Welcome to a sleepy late evening while the chill in the darkness outside whips up a mood for pure relaxation in the confines of a house which is asleep. With the lights bright, gently pull out a sauce pan and fill it with a couple of cups of water. Light the fire and kick back for a few minutes at the kitchen table. There is no need to watch. It will get there eventually.

Seasons Past and Present
There are hours upon hours in the Christmas vacation of a college student. There is no need for companionship. There is good company in the memory of seasons past. The relations have not arrived. The silence of the present is a welcome preparation for the noise to come and the noise that has past.

Now, pull out that weathered cup. Pour in the powder followed by the steaming hot liquid. Put on some light Jazz or listen to the wind gently blow the limbs of leafless trees. Slowly stir the heat out of the cup while whipping up a stormy foam. Carefully sip the rich foam making sure the temperature is right. Ignore your mothers urgings and rest a couple of elbows on the table. The year is ending; just let it go.

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