Benicar HCT to the Rescue

I have been able to self-manage my high blood pressure for 20 years.  I have controlled it through exercise, diet, meditation and a determined mind to force my body to properly behave — but now the haunting words of my initial diagnosis two decades ago, “You’re blood pressure is a little high,” is coming back to bite me.  “There’s no shame in having high blood pressure,” my doctor said at the time, “It’s just how you’re piped.” I disagreed with him, and vowed to cure myself, and I set about on my Vegan voyage that has paid off as well as I could expect up until now.

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Conspiracy of False Hope: A Side of Statins with Your Big Mac

Trying to live a healthy life in a chemical world is tough — so I was delighted to read last week news that the American Journal of Cardiology was taking a stand against the high fat in fast food by countering the saturated fat intake with a side of statins at checkout:

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Why I Am Still Vegan After a Decade of Service

On December 6, 1998, my wife Janna and I began to serve the Vegan lifestyle.  I say “serve” because being Vegan can be a lonesome service to a greater cause as everyone around you devours animals and wears their skins.

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The Food Police Live Inside of Your Mouth

Do you believe your local government exists to protect you? Does your local government have the right to decide what you eat and how you eat it?
On Tuesday, New York City announced plans to require all trans fats gets cut out of your diet when you eat out whether you want it that way or not:

The New York City Board of Health voted unanimously yesterday to move forward with plans to prohibit the city’s 20,000 restaurants from serving food that contains more than a minute amount of artificial trans fats, the chemically modified ingredients considered by doctors and nutritionists to increase the risk of heart disease. …

If approved, the proposal voted on yesterday by the Board of Health would make New York the first large city in the country to strictly limit such fats in restaurants. Chicago is considering a similar prohibition affecting restaurants with less than $20 million in annual sales.
The New York prohibition would affect the city’s entire restaurant industry, by far the nation’s largest, from McDonald’s to fashionable bistros to street corner takeouts across the five boroughs. …
Officials said that the typical American diet now contains 5.8 grams of trans fats per day, and that a single five-ounce serving of French fries at many restaurants contained 8 grams of trans fats.

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Veganism Lowers Blood Cholesterol Levels

While April may be the month for Fools, I can tell you it’s no joke that living a Vegan lifestyle can lower your cholesterol. While your mileage may vary, I’m living testimony that Veganism — mixed with daily, moderate, low-impact, exercise — can lower your blood cholesterol level from a high risk ratio to a moderate one.

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