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Obama and the Godless

It was incredibly refreshing yesterday — during the national prayer breakfast — when President Obama made room for the Godless in the manic realm of a national, religious, fervor and reinforced the necessary separation of church and state.

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The American Episcopal Church Rips and Tatters

The Episcopal Church in the United States is being ripped apart by treachery and the hatred of humankind as sexuality and gender identification are leaving the church in tatters:

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A Million a Molestation: The Catholic Church in Ecstasy

Today, the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Los Angeles, the largest in America, announced it will pay $660 million USD — $1.3 million USD per child abuse claim — to settle lawsuits filed by 508 victims.
For four years the lawsuit has dragged along the court system and, interesting enough, just two days before Cardinal Rogery Mahony — seen below — would have been required to testify under oath in court trial, the settlement was announced.

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Chavez, the Church & the Elite

by María L. Trigos-Gilbert

I love to say, “wow” whenever this short and meaningful word stretches itself as if it were an elastic bond in my vocal cords, from end to end. I did have my opportunity to scream a big, “WOW,” on May 14, 2000. The reason was almost amusing, so let me develop what took place in the main cathedral of the Catholic Church in Caracas, Venezuela.

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Going to Church

by Joyce Kohl

One day out of the blue, my husband Clem says to me: “I’ m going to church. Be back soon.”

After I picked myself up from the floor and wondered if all the church bells in the state of Arizona would start ringing when they heard Clem’s going to church, I quietly said: “CHURCH?!?”

To which Clem replied: “Computer store. I’m going to walk up and down the aisles and worship. I’m off to Saint CompUSA… seeya later.”

Well, I laughed all day long. I suppose you’d have to have been there to get the full effect, but at least I know that, in his own way, Clem saw the sale light and found religion!