Entitlement and the Ten Thousand Dollar Cellular Bill

There was an interesting story on the news the other day concerning Iraq and a woman and her husband and their cell phone bill and it proves to be an interesting tale on the riches of entitlement. The husband was being shipped off to Iraq. The wife, lonely and alone without him, wanted to stay in touch with him every day so she would feel “safe.” Together they purchased an International cellular phone plan from Cingular.

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Cingular-at&t BlackBerry 8700c Review

Yesterday I tossed over the Samsung a900 I’ve had since December in favor of the even more provocative Cingular/at&t PDA BlackBerry 8700c phone and here’s why: While I love the sleek and small feel of the Samsung a900, I live via email and the a900 is more of a multimedia phone than a text device.

My lovely wife Janna is also big on email and she needs to track three email accounts while she’s out in the world away from her computer 12 hours a day. We both need a phone with a keyboard because the a900’s T9 predictive text isn’t cutting it as a vibrant writing tool.

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