Urbanization in the Year 2100

We know half the world is urban — but what will our world look like in the year 2100?  We will be compressed even further up and away from each other in skyscrapers?  Or will we begin to winnow out and find room to stretch the horizon?

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My City for a Tree

Urban sprawl happens when concrete overtakes the prairies and skyscrapers become the trees.  Monuments replace nature.  Spirit is overridden by fantasy — and we’re all the worse for the loss of the natural progression of nature around us.

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Men in Cars Stalking Women

We know why men toss women into swimming pools, and we know why men have a DNA requirement to try to make women laugh, but what is it about men driving cars and harassing women on the street?  It seems as if the stereotypical wolf-whistle has moved from the sidewalk of a construction site and into the anonymous, mobile, safety of the driver’s seat.

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