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Letters From The Civil War (1863: Mar 8; Apr 17 & 22)

by William Samuel Craig

March the 8, 1863

Larkinsville, Alabama

My dear, I just received your kind and welcome letter that you wrote in the month of February the 19. It has been a long time coming the last letter before this I got it in February the 10 so you may know how often I hear from you. Still dear, I guess you do the best that you can and if you do that I shall not think hard. You should know that I have a poor chance to write still it is my delight to write to you dear as often as I can.

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Letters From The Civil War (1862: Mar 13; Oct 5 & 8; Dec 14)

by William Samuel Craig

Envelope: Mrs. Levica Craig; Leroy McLean Co., Ill – Postmark: Cheney’s Grove, Ill

March the 13, 1862

Louisiana Youngpoint Vicksburg

My dear beloved wife once more I am permitted to write to you again after reading your kind letter that I just received the 13 of this month. I am well, fat, and fine. My health is good. I believe better at this time then it has been in the last 5 years but, my dear, there was a time this winter that I thought my time had come to die. I gave up all hopes of meeting with you and my sweet baby but thanks be to God I am well now.

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Civil War Ancestors

by Joyce Kohl

Genealogy is one of the most rewarding hobbies. It was mine for 25 years. While researching for authentic information for my family tree, a living grandson of one of my paternal great-grandfathers, Jerry Craig, invited me to visit him.

When I arrived at his farm in Norborne, Missouri, he brought out a treasure chest of “genealogical gold” and laid it on the table in front of me. In the box were some very old and very yellowed letters, a small notebook, some other items. He also had in his possession an official church record book in which all the marriages, births and deaths were recorded for a number of years during the lifetime of his grandfather and my great-grandfather. The first date I noticed on one of the letters was one of the years during the time of the Civil War. Carefully opening it, I discovered it had been written by William Samuel Craig to his wife, Levica. I remember being awed and so delighted that I could barely speak. The letters were all written in a beautiful script. They were each dated and signed.

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Too Late for Thanks: A Partial Recall (Part I)

by Marshall Jamison

As a small boy growing up in historic Cambridge, Massachusetts, my first hero was the old man who lived next door and told me stories. On clear days he would be out early in the morning to watch his son run up the flag on the tall flag pole that stood in his blossom filled garden. His own experiences, real life stories of the Civil War, describing the heroism and glory of his comrades, found me a fascinated listener.

Then when I realized my own grandfather had served in that war as a Marine, could also tell true stories that thrilled my heart and mind, I become a hopeless hero worshiper, stirred by such tales of Valor.

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