What a Difference a Day Makes

by Greg Schaffer

How do you turn from the Goat of the NBA to a Star in a matter of 24 hours? How can 1,440 minutes alter sports talk radio conversations from a stab at your very core to praises in your behalf? Ask the Utah Jazz!

Blowout Win?
On Tuesday night, February 3rd, the 30-14 Utah Jazz went to The Pond in Anaheim, California to face the 10-37 LA Clippers. Many people saw this as another blowout win for the surging Jazz. How wrong they were! Reserve guard James Robinson lit-up the Jazz with a season-high 25 points, which included 5-9 from “3 point land,” to lead the Clippers to a 111-102 victory. This win helped stop the Clippers 8 game losing streak. The Jazz were able to hold the lead once, early in the first quarter, 20-19. It only lasted for 39 seconds. From that point on the Clippers never looked back. In the third quarter they lead by as many as 21 points. The Jazz were able to cut the lead to 4 points early in the fourth but never threatened again.

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