Is The North Face "Ghetto Clothes?"

In my previous conversation with “Benedetto” — that’s the codename for my mailman — we learned that “Old Lady” is a common term of affection, even if I don’t think it is; but one thing I forgot to mention was how that conversation started.  Benedetto struck up our dialogue with a fascinating claim: “The North Face are Ghetto Clothes.”

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Tznuis and the National Football League

Once in awhile I will see a news article about something unfortunate that has happened to someone, and I will think to myself that it wouldn’t have happened had that person been religiously Jewish, because the thing would have been prevented by adherence to a particular law related to behavior. Most recently, I read about Ines Sainz, a reporter for Spanish-language program DeporTV, who got some rather unwelcome comments from members of the New York Jets while reporting on a story. I was reminded of the Jewish obligation to dress in a manner that is considered tzniustic.

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New Era Cap Stickers and Price Tags Left on Clothing

I first noticed the phenomenon of the sticker left intentionally on the baseball cap a few years ago when I was living in Seattle and visiting New York. It may have been going on longer than that but like many things, I could not unsee that which I had seen and I noticed it with increasing frequency once i had actually moved back to New York.

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The Fender Swag Review

When you write a lot of blogs on a variety of topics, there are few real surprises left in life because you’ve read and written and dreamt it all.  However, after I wrote my Fender and Gibson branded clothing review, I was genuinely surprised to receive an email from Fender thanking me for my review. I paid for all the Fender and Gibson clothes in my original review and I did not contact Fender or Gibson to let them know my review was published.  Fender found me.  Gibson did not.

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Living in a Parallel Universe

Sometimes I see or hear things and they make me scratch my head and wonder if I am in fact living in a parallel universe. It seems to happen more and more as I get older so it worries me that I eventually will turn into one of those geriatric figures that love to start sentences with “When I was your age…” Could it be that I have somehow been transported to a parallel universe? Or is it rather that I just haven’t changed (enough) to “keep up” with modern living?

I stopped trying to listen to music on the radio sometime around the early 1990’s. It had more to do with the fact that I was listening to a certain obscure musical organization known as Phish. Tape after tape after tape was traded, and nary a minute was spent listening to the radio. In the early part of this decade I got back into Pearl Jam and cds came and went but still no radio. The few times that I did listen to the radio, I aimed the dial as it were at classical music stations or jazz stations. There were times, however, that I either inadvertently was stuck on a radio station or I was forced to listen to a radio station thanks to being in a department store that always kept some kind of music on.

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T-Shirt Appeal

According to the wikipedia definition, the t-shirt came to the United States initially by means of World War I soldiers who saw their European allies wearing cotton undershirts. It wasn’t until the 60’s that it became commonplace for manufacturers to design shirts with clever and sometimes offensive messages – and if you ever watch Showtime’s Queer as Folk, you know that this is ever more so the case today. In the last couple of weeks of not feeling well, something that has really cheered me up has been seeing a great number of extremely amusing t-shirts. I would like to highlight a number of shirts and Web Sites.

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