Pareidolia and a Face in the Cloud

Pareidolia is an interesting phenomenon that reveals how our human minds are programmed to give randomized visual and audible forms experientially recognizable features like faces, spoken meaning and known objects.

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Soul Clouds

by Nancy McDaniel

Clouds have always fascinated me. It doesn’t matter what I learned about them as a child in school. I believe they are magical. I believe they are somehow spiritual. I believe I can sit on them. I believe that they speak to me, as their shapes form, as they move toward me. Always toward me, never away.

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Winter Hunger

by Mark A. Johnson

He drags his feet slowly
along the icy way home
and thinks of the day:

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Cloud Picture

by Joseph Baldwin

Images, images.
Gull wings, cutting scarlet;
sun fractured, bitten
into new shapes.

On fire, glowing fire,
are edges of things,
because of sun;
and thunder-colored undersides

Wreckage of a storm
which harbored in itself

Most savage mien,
but innocent now
of any harm,
its violence changed
to rue:
the look of embers.