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Mr. Grumpy Goes Blogging Again

In my post Mr. Grumpy Goes Blogging I set out a few suggestions to help people build better blogs.  Today, Mr. Grumpy Returns to share some additional suggestions. A few of these ideas come from readers of the original article who wanted to add their own nuggets of advice for creating great blogs by avoiding common pitfalls. 

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Mr. Grumpy Goes Blogging

Forgive me for being Mr. Grumpy today.
Here’s a short — okay, it’s longish — list of things that make me grumpy when I read blogs of others and I realize 99% of what I say will insult 95% of the blogs I’ve read so far:

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Kate: Chapter 18

A cup was filled with coffee. Jean-Michel Pinot added two teaspoons of sugar and a dash of soy milk, purchased of course at a small deli and made that morning by the owner of the deli. His therapist was a strong supporter of natural foods and not eating animal products whenever possible. He did not have such strong feelings about avoiding coffee, however, as she probably brewed about five or six pots over the course of the day. True, the majority of the coffee was given to clients, but Dr. Rosenbaum had her fair share.

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That, and a Nickel

This morning, a friend of mine and I found ourselves in the Starbucks on 95th street and Broadway. No, scratch that – let me try this again. This morning, a friend of mine and I went to Starbucks to have some coffee. With that first sentence one might almost think that we were there not of our own volition and that somehow we were forced to go in against our will.

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Kate: Chapter Four

The office of Dr. Roberta Rosenbaum was full of books, possibly numbering in the hundreds. There were books about depression, anxiety, self-esteem issues, anorexia, alcoholism, and drug addiction: it wasn’t too hard to realize that a therapist occupied this space. Stacks of legal pads were in the areas one was not likely to walk, and folders full of notes on people Dr. Rosenbaum saw were piled onto the chair of a desk, also cluttered with magazines, unread mail, and more legal pads and folders.

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