In Love with the Gun: A Deadly Night for the Dark Knight

The East Coast awakened to the news overnight of at least 12 deaths and 50 woundings in Aurora, Colorado as a 24-year-old madman opened fire during the midnight showing of The Dark Knight movie.

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Emergency Tweet Hashtag Syntax System

When national emergencies take over current mindsets, the first place people turn to spread information and receive information is Twitter.  Unfortunately, when crises rise and Tweets spike, Twitter often goes into Fail Whale Mode.

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The Retirement Trend Toward Colder Climates

Forget Florida and Arizona as the final destination of carefree living for retirees.

Over the next generation, Colorado and Minnesota will become the new safe-haven for those wishing to spend their Golden Years in comfort as Global Warming trends continue to suffocate and fry us.

No one will want to face the steaming oceans or the baking desert in the coming perpetual heat wave.

We will instead seek out the solace of the cold and the soothing of the snow in order to preserve our burning bodies and to calm our boiling minds.

The 14th Columbine Victim

by Tim Barnes

Great sadness and the ever looming question, WHY? still looms large across my life. Why did Klebold and Harris go into Columbine high school on April 20, 1999 and kill 13 people? Why did my nephew Greg Barnes, a junior this year at Columbine, then kill himself on May 4, 2000 less than two weeks after the one-year anniversary of the shooting?

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