Metaphoric Synesthesia and the Myoclonic Tick

Synesthesia is one of the most fascinating phenomena.  In its simplest example, one hears a sound and sees a color associated with that sound.  Stevie Wonder has stated that, even though he’s blind, his music is specifically filled with colors he sees in his mind depending on the key and rhythm of the sound:  Visual Hearing.  In its more sophisticated form, Synesthesia changes the colors of words or numbers in a sequence depending on the context of arrangement.  

For example, an outline of the number 7 might be perceived as being “seven” and trigger the color blue, but when you look closer — and learn that the 7 is actually made up of many tiny number threes — then the color changes from a 7 trigger color to a 3 trigger color like, say, gold.  Some synesthetes can actually taste the colors as they view them.

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Boles Blogs Browser Wars: Chrome vs. Firefox vs. Safari

As you may know, Boles Blogs is now a combination of 14 other blogs that used to make up the Boles Blogs Network.  Everything is simpler, and more “findable” now that we’re all under the same mindset, and that’s a good and grand thing.  We’re also now on the “Business” platform, and that bundling of valuable resources all in one place is one of the fine benefits of being hosted on WordPress.

One of the chits of the Business platform is having free and unfettered access to any and all “Premium” themes.  We are currently using the keen and very clean premium “Elemin” theme you can see in the screenshot below.  I’m viewing the page in the Chrome browser for Mac:

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Survivor Tocatins Team Color Enhancements

Survivor Tocatins is especially pleasing this season as we get our
first exposure to the intentional color coordination of each team in
the clothes they are wearing:

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My New Old MacBook Pro 17-inch LCD Review

I am a proud owner of one of the first MacBook Pro 17-inch machines that made their debut two years ago — yes, I have a dreaded “A Revision” box — but that machine still sits next to me today and it has served me well through the writing of five books and it has never given me a moment of discontent… except for a bulging battery… but I never lost use of the machine in the battery swap with Apple.

Today, I am the prouder owner of what will likely be the last revision of the current MacBook Pro line before all the new Apple machines begin to look and feel like the MacBook Air. I couldn’t be happier with my new “old style” MacBook Pro.

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The Colors of Love

by Nancy McDaniel

I never realized before how much the sunrise is like the sweetest, most complete act of making love. But you have to be up early to see it from the very beginning to experience the whole, perfect joyous beauty of it.

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Significance of Colors

by Joyce Kohl

Over the centuries, colors have been used for signifying meanings in heraldry, given to the months of the year and the seasons, religious symbolism, and for everything from weddings to babies. Florists are quick to tell us red roses mean love. We use color to describe emotions. And how about “once in a blue moon everything goes all right” or “it’s a red-letter day.”

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