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On Not Being The Goat

At Columbia University in the City of New York, the unconquerable and indefatigable Dr. Howard Stein, would beg his graduate Playwriting students to never be “The Goat” on any production.

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Show Us Do Not Tell Us

One covenant of a successful live performance is adherence to the “Show, Don’t Tell” mandate.  In its most essential form, that mantra means action has much more value to the human heart than mere listening.  

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United We Write and Direct

Here are some of the founding ideas of from 14 years ago that led us to expand the portal today:

For over 25 years, The United Stage has served as a worldwide consortium for over 25,000 international Theatre professionals and amateurs who vehemently believe Playwrights must direct the original production of their plays in order for their vision to be wholly realized on stage.  There are no dues or membership fees to join.  No one makes any money off this site or off the idea or implementation of this entity.  We ask only for your support as Citizens of what we consider to be the paramount Playwright’s Project in the world.  United We Write & Direct.  Divided We Write.

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Spitzer Knew the Evolutionarily Inevitable

The Eliot Spitzer Hooker Psychodrama playing out in the mainstream media has reminded me of other examples of a SuperGenius father and a cursed son.

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