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Violence as Commerce in the Urban Core

Based Violence for Profiton our conversation yesterday in the comments thread for my Red in Tooth and Claw: The Language of Killing article, I am curious to know your thoughts on the following matter.

Do you believe violence — as framed in the context of yesterday’s article — creates or serves as commerce in the urban core?

Is the infliction of physical suffering a necessary city commodity from which secular humanism rises?

Or does violence only eat itself by gnawing and clawing away at its inborn behavior until red is all that’s left?

Violence for Profit

The Day After Valentine's Day

This year, for Valentine’s Day, I spent a lot of time napping. This is not unusual for me – napping during the holy Sabbath, that is. The Sabbath is, indeed, a day of rest for many. Religious Jews will tell you that for a Jew, it is meritorious even to take a catnap during the Sabbath. For six days, it is said, we toil and work to earn our sustenance. On the seventh day, we rest. This article, however, is not about the holy Sabbath (which in some circles is known as Shabbat, or Shabbos). It is, however, about Valentine’s Day – and the day after Valentine’s Day.

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