…and We Still Ended Up Feeding the Fox!

Most of rural Portuguese households rely on buckets.  Buckets for wood, water, pine cones, clothes pegs/pins – you name it there will be a bucket for it.  We all use similar types of black buckets — ownership is usually interchangeable along with the contents. Occasionally, we  halfheartedly say we will color code them with tape on the handles according to ownership — it lasts about a month before our buckets are everywhere again.

However, we have a special bucket — bright orange with a lid.  This is for our kitchen waste.  We do not compost our food waste here for several reasons.  First, the smell, and the flies amplified by the heat and, second, composting encourages rats, mice and other vermin such as foxes.  We feel most of our food waste to the chickens and they give us eggs in return.

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Drowning in a Sea of Styrofoam: Ten Sentence Story #148

Jerald woke up one morning and found himself drowning in a sea of styrofoam cups.

For years he had been warning his coworkers about the dangers of styrofoam cups and how it was detrimental to the environment — the disposable society in which they were living had a shelf life and he said that it was just a matter of time before they would all suffocate.

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