Setting Up GZIP for Google Site Performance

The Google always has its eye on you whether you like it or not, but sometimes, you can turn around that Panopticonic gaze to do you some good as in the case of the recent “Site Performance” release as a new part of the Google Webmaster Tools suite.  Sometimes just adding fans to propel your websites faster into the internet ether just isn’t enough to make a difference with a distinction.

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All Things Flow

As we are unendingly bent by time and oppressively compressed by spaces, we are bound to remember the comprehensive value of what Socrates found in Heracleitus’ claim that “All Things Flow.”  We are always in a state of change.  There is no past or future — there is only the “liquid now” that never remains the same from moment to moment. 

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Urbanization in the Year 2100

We know half the world is urban — but what will our world look like in the year 2100?  We will be compressed even further up and away from each other in skyscrapers?  Or will we begin to winnow out and find room to stretch the horizon?

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Faster Smaller Longer

Information has become commoditized.  To create information is fine, but to control access to that information is key.  Google has staked its fortune to providing sifters for controlling access to the memory of the world.

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