Supporting Coco Over Leno

Though not everyone here at the Boles Blogs Network is fond of Conan O’Brien, I do agree that it was a poor decision for Jay Leno to have been moved to a different show at ten o’clock. Rather, Jay should have retired so that NBC could continue showing dramatic television and Conan and Jimmy should have been put where they tenuously exist at the moment. Instead, the ridiculousness of the last few months took place and now NBC wants to push The Tonight Show to 12:05am.

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NBC Fails Jay and Conan

In the biggest recantation since New Coke and Coke Blak, NBC/Comcast are rumored to be reversing their ridiculous removal of Jay Leno from “The Tonight Show” and pushing Conan O’Brien back into the late night boneyard where he belongs.

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