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An Open Letter to Google Glasses Pioneers: Prepare to Be Punched in the Eye!

Hi there, Google Glasses Pioneer!

This is an open letter warning you to put down your Google Glasses if you care about the health of your eyes and the prosperity of your soul.  Those glasses are going to cost you a lot more than $1,500.00USD because your face is going to pay the price for prying into the public, everyday, lives of those all around you.  Nobody will trust you.  Everyone will suspect you are recording their every move — even if you are not — but because you can!  Be thankful for universal Obamacare — because you are going to need it with the rising year.  This is not a call for violence against you; this is a call out that violence will be waged against you.

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Go Inside

Excusing Angry Words

It happened so fast that I barely had time to react. Joe and I normally take the train at the same time because we both work near Midtown Manhattan. There were a lot of people, as per the norm for that time of the day, who wanted to get onto the train so that they could get to work or wherever else they were going.

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