1983: Year of the Big Glasses

Yes, 1983 was the — “Year of the Big Glasses” — as you can see preeminently evidenced below in the 1983 promotional newspaper advertisement for “KFOR, Radio 1240, The One You Turn to For News.” I am in the lower right corner, aged 18, and in my Senior year at Lincoln Northeast High School in Lincoln, Nebraska. I was not alone in my Big Glasses accoutrement. Three others were with me, but none of my coworker cohorts also had the keen, brown, tint-a-wheel of The Big Glasses Transitions lenses of 1983!

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Why Does Gravatar Want My Google Apps Contacts?

After a successful return to WordPress.com from WordPress Multisite, I began rooting around the Settings and Tools and Appearance areas for my WordPress.com account to discover any new joys that were added during my inattention.

I found I could now add my “Google Profile” as a “verified” external service via Gravatar.  I clicked to continue to complete the verification process for my “Public Profile.”

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Facebook as Probiotic: I Now Have 5,000 Friends

This morning, at 9:27am, I reached that magical, if mythical, Facebook manna milestone of having 5,000 friends!  That’s the limit.  Facebook won’t let me have more than 5,000 friends.  I’ve maxed out my Facebook social network. Now what?

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LinkedIn Creates Circles

January 26, 2009.  I no longer like LinkedIn.  I now Loathe LinkedIn.
  However, I am keeping the remainder the review below intact to preserve the breadcrumb record of experience and recognition as it happened.

I believe in the power of circles.  I believe in mending broken circles.  I believe in creating new arcs that lead to closing circles.  When I was invited this week to become a member of LinkedIn, I was wary at first, because I do not like social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace because showboating and friends-gathering is more valued than finding information and tending intimate circles.
LinkedIn is unique.  LinkedIn is clean and cogent.  LinkedIn is about creating business contacts — and the whole idea behind the service is you only add people to your network that you already know.  You can check out my LinkedIn profile — and add me to your network if you know me — by touching the button below.

LinkedIn Profile

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Eye Advice

Here are some other interesting tidbits I learned about our eyes and eye care from my doctor visit this week that you might find helpful. I am not an eye doctor so none of this should be taken as a mandate or scientific fact: 

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