Toxic Chinese Food

It is the rather unfortunate truth that in the pursuit of the greatest profits possible, food manufacturers will sometimes take measures that put the health of the consumer at risk, whether knowingly or unknowingly — it turns to criminality when the health problem is brought to the attention of the manufacturer and they continue to press forward just to make a few extra dollars.

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Pet Food that Kills Pets and Emotional Urbanization

I have been wanting to write about the massive — in the hundreds of millions pounds — recall of tainted pet food sold in America, but there hasn’t been time for reflection and distance to help provide context and meaning of pet owners unwittingly killing their pets with food they purchase to keep them healthy.

I realize now is the moment to step forward in light of today’s New York Times article — explaining how it is a conflict of cultures, an acquiescence of values, and a shared economic drive between companies and countries to save as much money as possible — that threatened our animals and killed our pets:

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