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ESSpa KOZMETIKA SKINCARE lifted giant chunks of quotes from a GO INSIDE Magazine review Janna Sweenie and I wrote together on Karin Herzog skincare. 

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Barnes and Noble: Plagiarists

by Joyce Kohl

Have you ever wondered where all those book reviews come from on the Barnes and Noble Website? Being somewhat naive, I thought a staff member actually read a book, then wrote a thumbnail review. Now I have my doubts. Why? When I went to the Barnes and Noble site to check the availability of one of my favorite books, I froze in shock! Barnes and Noble gets the material for the reviews any way they can – even plagiarism!

This time they had taken paragraphs from a review I wrote here in GO INSIDE Magazine on Yorkie Doodle Dandy on January 30, 1998. The theft of intellectual property owned and copyrighted is not limited to the unwary Website builder; it extends to the mammoth companies as well.

Barnes and Noble is, without a doubt, guilty of plagiarism.

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