Continental Airlines Wants No Complaints

We’ve written about Continental Airlines in the past — and today, we’re having at them again — because they consciously make it incredibly hard to get a complaint filed.  We are grateful we have this public outlet to express our ongoing dismay with their service and to warn you against a similar fate.

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Venezuela in Different Perspectives

by María L. Trigos-Gilbert

In my last visit to Venezuela, I had a foreign sensation as if I hadn’t been there before. It seemed as if I were visiting a total unfamiliar country. People and things looked different. The Venezuelan style appeared to be fighting for a mere survival. Visible citizens tended to battle against an invisible chaos, one confusion after another. We could say that those confusions have been politically, economically and the latest, nature’s course. We call it a natural disaster. The last disaster came upon them like an invisible snap on the face. It rained a lot. Venezuela got in a week one year’s rain. That’s how Venezuela ended the 20th century, a little bit more bewildered than ever before.

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