Detonating a Remote Time Bomb: Beware the Fateful Hire

When you hire someone to work for you, there’s always risk. Risk they won’t work out. Risk they’ll rip you off. Risk they’ll set a time bomb on your web server for remote detonation if they feel they aren’t getting paid soon enough or they don’t feel appreciated in an appropriate, unknowable, manner.

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Joining the National Writers Union

If you are a writer — with or without an agent — and if you need help in negotiating a contract, then you should consider the benefits of becoming a member of the National Writers Union.  The NWU won’t act as your agent, but they will read your contract and offer you advice and counsel on what should be changed in the boilerplate.  Book publishers always want authors to sign a standard contract.  That puts all the advantages on the side of the publisher.  With the NWU at your side and in your ear, you stand a better chance of getting a fairer contract negotiated to suit your rights and needs as a writer.

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Deal Memos and Contracts

I like Deal Memos because they’re just as binding as a real contract and they can save a lot of time and heartache.

If time is of the essence — and the tar pit of approvals is bearing down on you and a project that needs to completed fast — use a Deal Memo to trick out the most important details that both parties have agreed to, and you can make it binding via email and with replies of agreement.

Deal Memos can codify and express and protect both sides until a formal paper contract can be drawn — and quartered! — for official signatures and all the unnecessary and punishing boilerplate.