Why We Converted a Facebook Personal Account to a Business Page

On Saturday, I made the decision to convert my personal Facebook account into a Business page.  It was not a difficult choice to make because, even though I had over 5,000 friends and 200 followers — when your friends queue is full, Facebook forces them into “following” you — I was really only posting Boles Blogs updates to my timeline.

Even though I don’t make any money from Boles Blogs, creating a Facebook business page offers some unification of thought and clarity of purpose on the social network.  I would “lose” my friends and their updates, as well as my own timeline since 2006, but I would also gain thousands of “Likes” — “friends” get converted into “Likes” when you convert a page — and my “followers” would also, magically, become “Likes” on the new page, too.  I would only have to update one Facebook page instead of two.

Here’s what the new Boles Business page looks like now on Facebook:

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Artist Conversion

The job of any True Artist is one of conversion.  The Artist takes a notion and transforms it into something else, something greater, than what it was before.  That conversion also plays a direct role in the real life of the True Artist, too.

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Elizabeth Emerges Jewish

When I first started writing for GO Inside Magazine, I already had a long term life goal on my to-do list which could be summed up with two words: “get married.” A week from today, G-d willing, that is exactly what I am going to do.

By Thirty
I started watched Ally McBeal a couple of years after the show started and I really got into it. My best friend told me that the main character reminded him of a female version of me in that I was always talking about how I was going to find the right person and we were going to get married and have a fantastic life together.

Somehow, I was unlike most of my male friends, many of whom had no interest in getting married — or at least not at the age we were at the time, which was about twenty-two. My friends were certainly interested in dating but not for the purpose of finding a long term commitment that would ultimately lead to marriage. Rather, they had more carnal short term goals in mind, and were interested in staving off loneliness at the same time — until they could find someone else with whom they could spend their time.

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