From Old Cooter to Boles Blues

Welcome to the new Boles Blues blog — the newest member of the Boles Blogs Network!

We used to be known as Old Cooter — but before that site even went live, we decided to become Boles Blues instead — and in our next post we’ll explain who we are and what we’re doing here with you.

Thanks for visiting!

Old Cooter and Comcast DNS Hijacking

Yesterday, I was playing around with domain names and stumbled on — Old Cooter Dot Com — as a possibility for a fun new music site.  Now, before we get into the nuts and bolts of that technical experience, let’s be clear that “cooter” is a North American brown shell river turtle with yellow head banding. Mr. Slowsky, anyone?  The first thing I do when I want to see if a domain is taken or not, is type the name into my web browser.  If the site comes up dead, then you take the next step toward registration. Old Cooter was, indeed, dead — but it was given an unwanted, and disturbing, new life by Comcast.

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