Quitting the Correcting Game

For most of my adult life I have had a pretty bad addiction, and I am trying to put it behind me. Whether it is in the context of a conversation in person, over the phone, or conducted over any of a number of digitial media, I have wasted too much time correcting people — it has to stop now.

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Google Docs: Did You Mean CUNT or CUNY?

This morning, I was editing a file in Google Docs, when I was asked by
the Google Spellcheck — if I meant “CUNT” instead of “CUNY” — and that
was quite a wild wake up call at 4:30am.

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Barack Sarkozy

Is Nicholas Sarkozy ripping off our beloved Obama brand?

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Grammar Man Returns

Just when you thought it was safe to make grammatical errors again, Grammar Man has come back with a vengeance. This time, he’s not going to overlook even the smallest infraction. Well it’s possible he might but only if he’s in a good mood. Don’t think this is your cue to start making major errors, however. We’re still watching you to make sure you don’t start sentences with ‘anymore’ or asking if we know what you mean. We have prepared more examples of corrections that need to be made.

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A Dollar and a Hundred Dollars

Yesterday I went to the eye doctor for my yearly exam. I love the guy. He’s smart, cranky, old-fashioned, wildly energetic — not much older than me — and he won’t do surgery on a healthy eye for moral and ethical reasons.

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