Labor Day Racism at Burger King

You wouldn’t think such a simple task — standing in a fast food line and ordering food — would be such a treacherous production tinted with repressed Racial hatred; but you never know what you’ll end up ordering up when you’re stuck in a fast food line at Burger King.

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Dr. Howard Stein on Golf and the Principle of Consideration

It’s spring, and an old man’s fancy turns to thoughts of golf.  My thoughts concentrate on three conditions that no longer seem to exist, neither in golf nor in the society.  Golf, as the game was designed and expected to be played, is out of sync, out of joint, with the society determined to paralyze the game.

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How to Ack Back

I’m never at a loss learning how many young people are uneducated in the proper way to communicate online with those outside their immediate generation.  Over the last couple of years, I’ve noticed kids in the 18-20 year old age range have terrible email manners.  They write, you reply — they never acknowledge your response — so you’re left to wonder if you got stuck in a Spam folder or if you’re just being ignored.  Kids today have no idea why sending back an “Ack” is intrinsically important in continuing the hoary, but vital, tradition of effective online communication.  

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Never Do These Things in a Restaurant

Please help me make a list of things you should NEVER do while eating in a restaurant. I’ll start with these tidbits from good friends who work in the business: 

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Extinction of Electronic Manners

Are good manners extinct on the electronic frontier?
Do you always say “please” when you make a request of someone?
Do you always say “thank you” when someone does you a favor?
Do you always get the same courtesy by default in return?
I always say “please” and “thank you” but many of the people I deal with during the day — both professionally and socially — rarely say please and hardly ever say “thank you” and I’m curious when, why, and how that simple measure of courtesy died.
I recently read somewhere that in the text world:

The person with the “least” power must always make the last reply in a conversation be it in email or live text chat.

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