Punctuality and Prolegomenous Predestiny

Do people care about being on time anymore?  It seems that as each day passes, our adherence to the hands on a clock grows more weary.  Transportation timetables appear to be more suggestion that requirement.  Medical appointments can vary up to 45 minutes and still be considered “on time.”  Meeting friends is now set in a “time frame” instead of an exact time that translates to: “I’ll show up if I feel like it and if I’m available.”

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CPT and Working a White Man Job

Running on CPT is a Racist phrase originally used against Black people to generically describe their lack of time management — but it can now also be effectively used on anyone who is perpetually late.  “CPT” translates to “Colored People’s Time.”

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Running on CPT

I was at a meeting the other day and I heard the phrase — “He’s running on CPT” — to describe someone who was late for the meeting.  A few people uncomfortably chuckled.

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