Football, Soccer and One Day Cricket

I was recently watching a football game on television. A player was running freely with the ball towards the opponent’s court, without being stopped violently. This freestyle running was a very familiar and comfortable scenario to me but it made my roommate extremely irritated — “God****t, get the guy down!”

I then realized I was watching “football” in the USA, not the “football” I grew up with.

“A tie game? What’s the point of playing? It doesn’t make sense! And, why there are so few scores! How come the player can run around with the ball without being stopped…!”

My roommate’s expression was priceless.

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Cricket Fever

by Naresh Arya

Cricket is something that really needs to be given thought by all Indians! After their cricketing debacle in the World Cup ’99 played in England recently, India as a country is slowly limping back to normalcy after being inebriated with a cricket fever stupor that nearly lasted for six weeks. In a way it was good that India lost and now most Indians have come out of their craze for arguably the most overrated, over promoted, and overpaid team and are hopefully now paying attention to real issues closer to home and more important in nature.

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