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Surveillance is Good for You

Jamie Grace wrote this article.

Police in the UK increasingly use new monitoring and tracking technology to capture burglars and ‘home invaders,’ as well as car thieves. Suburban houses in high-crime hotspots are turned into Panopticonic dens with enough camera equipment inside them to identify an offender wherever they move within a building.

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Stalking as the National Pastime

It’s official.  Stalking is the new, national, pastime in America.

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Demanding Due Process

The ugly internal machinations of a university system only pretends to protect the accused — let alone the not-guilty and innocent — and these policies policing behavior usually end up fettering away the accused so as not to do further damage to the university.

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Crime as the Last Religion

In a recent comments flow for my — Disposable Women: Slasher to Gash Her — article, we wondered about the idea of crime being the last, and perhaps greatest, religion.

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What's in an Accent?

by María L. Trigos-Gilbert

A blank paper freaks a writer’s hands and eyes. This month the blankness of my screen has caused me to rethink time after time the content of my article. This time I want to chat with you about something that’s itching me. You may think, “María, and what’s that?” Okay, let me talk to you about it. Actually, let me share a secret with you, but just between us. I’m Latin. Thus my native language is Spanish. It shouldn’t strike you since most Latin Americans speak Spanish. Of course, if you study my family tree, you may find out that I’m part Latin and part Spaniard. I’m the product of a Venezuelan mother and a Spaniard father. By the way, allow me to use the word “proud.” You got it. I’m mighty proud to be a Latin Spaniard, an American Spaniard. Now, let’s start the business of this article, and that’s grammar vs. message. Let’s go to the next paragraph to have these sentences a little more evenly divided. Shall we? Follow me.

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