Be Blunt and Cruel, it Saves Time

As a proud, but inveterate, INTJ — I have a philosophy of life that few people understand: “Be Blunt and Cruel, it Saves Time!”  I never use that philosophy with others without permission.  That philosophy is fully how I prefer to be treated, but few people are willing to abide the terms of what they perceive to be “rough language.”

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Believing in a Cruel God

My email Inbox and my Facebook page have been overflowing with hate ever since the publication of my article — If Republicans Won Their Wants — and the comments stream for that article have to be cleansed daily because people can’t abide our comments policy and disagree without cursing or calling names.

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Rise of the Obama Zombies

There is a delicate line between Art and Politics that must never be crushed:  Mocking politicos for aesthetic profit.  The New York Times, for some reason, decided to publish 50 crushing images of those working for the Obama Administration and, for some reason, the Obama campaign agreed to this public humiliation of their employees.  The published images cruelly, and purposefully, make these good people look like Zombies.  Let’s call them “The Obama Undead” — with their blank faces and ghoulish eyes — and we are left to feel terrible for them because they have been manipulated and mocked for paper profit.  We know their uncomfortable skins.  Only the glassy look in their eyes, and the familiar “thousand-yard stare,” gives away the fact that, at one time, they were human, and not the joke of the day.

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Famous Means Mean

It is impossible to be at the top of your game as an educator, movie star, author or car mechanic or whatever without being mean.

Truly famous people who are known the world over by their name and image have fought tough and tacky to get to that pinnacle and they will not give up their fame for anything — and that inevitably means they have to be mean to others in order to stay on top.

This mean phenomenon must be expected — because there is always someone out there trying to take your game and replace your fame — and that is the major pitfall of becoming well-known:  In order to maintain your position of strength and power you must never be kind or understanding; you must always and forever be ruthless and mean.