The Baby Activity Logger Review

Eating, sleeping and filling diapers — this we are told fills the entirety of a baby’s existence for a good long time. There are many months between birth and the change in this truth. While it holds true (and even for awhile afterward) it is important to be able to be aware of the baby’s status regarding these three activities. When the question arises “when was the last time we changed his diaper?” The correct answer is never going to be “I don’t know.”

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Compromise About A Crying Baby

It’s two in the morning and my son is crying. I stir a little bit and turn to my right and notice that my wife, Elizabeth, is not there next to me and that our son is in his bassinet, possibly the reason he is crying. My wife has chosen to commit the crime of needing to use the facilities. I get up and quickly pick up young Chaim Yosi and cradle him in my arms, rocking him gently until he falls back asleep. I know that he will do better in the arms of his mother — not just because I’m afraid of rolling around wildly in my sleep. I ultimately get back to sleep and wake up, refreshed. This beautiful scenario is not always how things have been in our happy home.

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The Semiotics of Dry Crying

One of the hardest tasks for an actor to complete every night on stage is realistic crying with tears and snotting and red eyes and pomegranate nose. The mark of the young and ineffectual actor — 99% of them — is trying to cry by faking. I call those fakers “Dry Criers” and they’re easy to mark both on stage and in real life.

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